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Be a Franchise

Best Business Opportunity with Freedom Club

Freedom club is giving best business opportunity in India to everyone. Licenses its brand and give new way to business. We are a system that is the best franchise opportunities in India for each franchisor. Freedom club centralize the digital marketing efforts for all the Franchises. We are offering you not only a simple but also a powerful solution that keeps Franchisees up to date and give unique platform.

To take franchise it’s a save and smart idea for one’s business. You get a brand name in which you won’t have to work hard and waste energy. In an independent business we are not being able to spread our business properly. Instead of running an independent business in India having done lot of efforts, passion, energy, challenges adopt current scenarios. Join with freedom club and get more types of benefits.

Benefits of Freedom Club Franchise Opportunities in India

Freedom club’s franchise partners will be able to get unlimited income and they will increase business by 50% because freedom club is version of uniqueness and advance technology. Increase lot of foot fall. As step by step your business will grow your business will grab 100% attention as well. Through Freedom club you will be able to make your reach to the people by online and offline both and get top Business Opportunities to be your own boss.

Freedom club provides you your individual website by that you can do advertisement of you business and through social media pages you can do easily branding. T.V ads, print ads presentation and outdoor media you will increase clients as well as u build up a status of your business in India without investment. It is easy and fast processing platform.

How Freedom Club Help you to Grow Your Franchise Business in India

After being associated with freedom club you will not have to work in limited area your business growth gets the fastest than ever. Our concept is to give 100% Asli money back through APM (Auto Pilot Money) on every shopping as well as Business Opportunities in India. It’s a great business opportunity in India that makes your path easy and leads you towards success. Our franchise model is in three parts. We are appointing our franchisor over 19,960. We provide you franchise business in India with low investment to build your own brand name. Through freedom club your business will get more revenue and success.

  1. Freedom Micro Partner : FMPs will be appoint and monitored by FP and FSP.
    FMPs are the zip code wise franchise owner and would deal with the merchants in their assigned area.

  2. Freedom Partner: FPs will appoint and monitored by the FSPs
    Suppose to appoint and manage the FMPs, the one who is holding the franchise zip code wise.

  3. Freedom State Partner: FSP is the franchise holder of a particular state
    Suppose to recruit FPs area wise and FMPs zip code wise in the state allocated.
    How does our franchise model works Suppose, Haryana has 316 Pin codes then,
    (316/20 = 16) 16 FPs will be appointed by FSP.
    16 FPs will appoint 20-20 FMPs on every pin code respectively.
    For example:-
    1 FMP at every pin code.
    316 FMPs on 316 pin codes.
    So, 20 FMPs (averagely) will report to 1 FP in each state.